Monday, April 23, 2007

Gerber Daisies

A year ago three dear friends of mine traveled from San Antonio, Virginia, and Pennsylvania to meet me back in my home to see the wrath of what Katrina had done to our NOLA.

I was hesitant to be going home for the first time since I had evacuated from the storm that had changed the city that I had called home for the past 6 1/2 years. It had become home. I had delivered two babies at Tulane and Richard graduated from Medical School and started his Residency. It was a church on Academy drive that made every Sunday special even without Richard around on most Sundays. It is where friends are cherished. This is the place where we became a family.

As I prepared to meet my friends I was preparing myself to see my house for the first time in less than a year since the storm. I was expecting to see the flowers that we had planted prior to the storm be long gone and replaced by weeds. I remember driving from the airport to my home with butterflies in my stomach. I didn't know what I was going to see once I drove down my street. As I approached my house all I could see were some"resilient" pink Gerber daisies that my Hannah and her Grandfather had planted earlier that summer. They had survived the storm.

I was recently reminded by a friend that things in NOLA may still be off, but yet they may be just as beautiful as ever.

As NOLA is having it's rebirth my appreciation for the city is also having a rebirth. I now look at buildings that were damaged by the water not only as brick and mortar, but for the memories that lie within the walls. Tulane is not just a hospital that is rebuilding, it is where two of the greatest things in my life got their start.

I hope that I can always have a Gerber daisy in my garden to remind me of resilience and rebirth.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

SPT Shopping Spree

This challenge was fun for me! I enjoy shopping...probably too much, but I especially love to shoe shop.
When I was little I would opt for a pair of new shoes rather than a toy for my Birthday or Christmas. As I have gotten older my love for shoes as only increased. It is the only part of my body that has stayed the same size. A dear friend once said to me "I may not be able to control what my body looks like, but I can control how my feet look". Maybe that is why I have over 60 pairs of shoes.
Unfortunately, I have passed this passion of mine down to my two girls. They get more excited than I do when I bring home a new pair of shoes. In their eyes it means this is another pair of shoes they get to clunk around in.

So, this challenge led me to not only think about new shoes, but it made me purchase a cute pair of peep toed sandals.

Thanks Lelly!

Monday, April 16, 2007

Two Week Overview

Where does the time go? I feel as if I never have time to post all the pictures or things that are happening in our little family.
The kids and I spent a fun filled spring break together that consisted of movies, late nights, play dates, and a brief trip from Uncle Aaron.
I am so grateful for my brother-in-law Aaron for coming into town and installing our plantation shutters. He also installed a new kitchen faucet, added more shelves to the girls closet, and fixed the base board in our half bathroom. Our time in NOLA is coming to an end and we will be putting our house on the market in the next six to eight months, so it was nice to be able to get somethings crossed of our to-do list.

We had a wonderful holiday! It was wonderful to carry on traditions of coloring Easter eggs, making sugar cookies, and the annual hunt. It was also wonderful to discuss what Easter is all about with my children. Our primary did a wonderful job of discussing Jesus's resurrection (they gave each child an egg that was filled with a piece of red cloth, a rock, and a sacrament cup). It was wonderful to hear them explain each item.
I am so blessed to be a part of this gospel and to know that my family will be together forever because of the love of our Savior.
I took the kids to Jean Laffite Preserve to do a little hiking around the swamp. We were hoping to see a little wildlife (alligators), but the weather did not permit. We did have fun playing a game of "Simon Says", and climbing on the cypress trees. We will definitely go back when the weather is warmer. The kids headed back to school, but it was short week. Hannah had a field trip. I was able to accompany Hannah to the Audobon Zoo. It was a beautiful day! We enjoyed watching the Orangutans beg for food, and climbing on monkey hill. Field day was enjoyed by all. Hannah and Caden had a field day where their classes engaged in friendly competition with other classes. Caden's class took 1st place in the Kindergarten division and he came in 3rd place in the sprint. Hannah's class was 2nd in the 2nd grade division. They were able to come home with ribbons and medals which they were very proud to talk about and display. Caden also had the honor of being one of two kids in his class to be the balloon holder, he was really excited about this.

Addie even had a great time snapping random pictures of my feet, the grass, my stomach, but she did manage do get a good one of me in kids colors. Kindergarten's colors were orange and white second grade was yellow and brown, so white and yellow is what I wore to cheer them on.Hayden B. this picture is just for you. Let's hope I can get better at blogging, so I don't have to do this again.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

SPT - Easter

This challenge didn't happen in my Sunday best with my kids sporting their matching attire, but it took place during our annual hunt.

As a child my Grandpa and Grandma Bev would put on our annual hunt, and it was the best! I can always remember being so excited for this event. He would always call my Dad and Uncle the night before and tell them to bring extra cash and coin for tomorrow. My dad would always ask why, but he would just say "you'll see".

The hunt was in their yard and it seemed so big and magical with trees, a creek, bridges, and lots of bushes. The hunt seemed to last for hours and what seemed like hundreds of plastic eggs that were hidden just so little eyes could see. These eggs were not only filled with candy, money, but with notes that allowed you to collect a dollar from Uncle Roger or five dollars from my Dad. It was these eggs that made the hunt that much more exciting especially as I got older.

I have always loved Easter egg hunts thanks to my grandparents. I hope that someday when we are around family again my own children will experience what I had as a child, but for now the hunts are simple. I hope that in their eyes they are as grand as they are in mine.

Blogger is not allowing me to post my picture. I will try again later.

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Do I play well with others?

I am a wooer-- it stands for winning people over. I enjoy the challenge of meeting new people and getting them to like me. Strangers rarely intimidate me. It actually energizes me. I am drawn to them. I want to learn their name, ask them questions , and anything else that I can during our conversation. I really enjoy initiating conversations with strangers. I find satisfaction from breaking the ice and making a connection with someone new. There are no strangers, only friends I haven't met yet. That is why I took my picture in front of the Louis Armstrong International Airport. I love flying. It gives me a chance to meet a perfect stranger and woo them. My husband is perfectly content to put his headphones on and close his eyes just so he doesn't have to talk to anyone. I on the other hand am the one that wants to know your destination, how long will you be there, is it business or pleasure? Once my connection is made I am content. Wooing is just part of who I am.