Thursday, March 29, 2007

Happy Day!

I have stated that this transition back to NOLA has not been easy on my family. My children have not been welcomed with open arms back into their school. A few of Hannah's teachers would not even help her bridge the different curriculum's of Utah and Louisiana together. The teacher stated "it was not her problem to help her."

We have shed several tears and have had several tummy aches about school. As a mother my heart was breaking to see my children going through these challenges and not be able to step in and magically make them all better. I was trying to be their biggest cheerleader, but at times I too wondered if it was the right decision to return (not that we really had a choice). As the term went along things started to get better, we sort of feel into our groove.

I am happy to report (for my journal documentation only) that Hannah made it on the Honor Roll and Caden was Student of Month for the month of February. I am so proud of both of my children for all of their hard work and dedication to schooling. I know it has not been an easy transition for them. They are both great kids and I am so lucky to have them along with their little sister, Addie, in my little family.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

SPT Challenge

This week's challenge: Spring Fever. I couldn't resist taking a picture of my feet. I love when the weather gets warm enough to slip my feet into a pair of flip flops that have been beckoning to be worn all winter. It is now that time of year when my feet will always have polish on them and ready to be put into any of the several pairs of sandals that I have in my closet.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Paradise, and then back again!

We had the wonderful opportunity of spending the last 8 days on the wonderful Island of Maui. We were lucky enough to accompany Richard's parents on a Banking Convention to the Grand Wailea Resort & Spa. It was great to return to the beautiful island that I spent my honeymoon on ten years ago.

Highlights of our trip
Getting the girls hair braided on the beach (worth every penny)

The Breath taking view from the lanai

The water slides at the pool

The Tarzan Swing

Jumping on a trampoline in the ocean

Drinking Pina Coladas poolside (that is something I could get use to)

Went to the Whale Museum in Lahina

Went to a Luau
Learned how to Hula
Saw an amazing sunset
Meet up with my parents, and went on a glass bottom boat to the Molokini Crater
Caden and Richard tried Sport fishing while on the boat. They did not catch anything since it is currently whale season.
Went snorkeling while at the crater
Had the wonderful opportunity to see lots of fish, whales, dolphins and turtles
Addie flirted with Captain Tom
I spent a luxurious day at the spa getting a facial, massage, manicure, and pedicure
The kids enjoyed seven wonderful days at the pool. They loved getting the new color wrist bands each day to add to the tally. They would try and guess what color would be next.
I can't believe our time has come and gone from the land of paradise. I have such wonderful memories of the days spent with my family. This Island will not only be a place I came when I was first in love, but it is now a place that my children will love as much as I love it. I think they will love it maybe for different reasons, but for whatever reasons they do love this place called Hawaii.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007


I (Jenny) got a phone call from Ms. Allison. She wanted to report that she is out of the blogging network this week, but will be back next week for the SPT challenge. Did I mention she is soaking up the sun in Hawaii??? So jealous. Hope you have a fabulous time and get a great tan!

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Who is this person?

Wow, what a challenge this has been for me today...thank goodness for digital cameras. I sometimes am not satisfied with the person looking back at me. I wonder if I am good ENOUGH.

Am I a good ENOUGH wife

Am I a good ENOUGH mother

Am I thin ENOUGH

Am I pretty ENOUGH

Am I a good ENOUGH friend

Do I serve others ENOUGH

Am I good ENOUGH in my calling
Am I thoughtful ENOUGH

Do I express my love to my family ENOUGH

I am trying to be ENOUGH in my eyes, and be proud at the reflection looking back at me.

I have to add that one of my favorite features is my hair. I get compliments on it very frequently.