Wednesday, September 5, 2007

A little rain couldn't even stop us!

It only took us eight years to make the forty five minute drive to Vacherie Louisiana. So, when my husband has the weekend off not even the rain could stop my plans. We packed a picnic of fabulous Curry Chicken Salad and pb&j's for the kids and headed off to Oak Alley Plantation.

We had a wonderful time learning a little more about Southern living, and seeing these 300 year old oak trees was breath taking.
My children had just has wonderful a time sloshing around in puddles, and wishing that I would give them permission to climb just "one" of the big beautiful trees.

We left a little more soggy then when we came , but the rain felt good and rejuvenating as having the whole family together. It was what we needed a weekend, a picnic, and these memories.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Remembering the days

Two years ago today I woke up in Houston exhausted from traveling 19+ hours to be out of harms way from Hurricane Katrina and I was devastated to think of what could happen to the place that I had called home. The fear of the unknown and I was saddened to think about what could be happening to my little comfort zone. You see this place is unique, when our husbands are off at school and work it is the other wives who keep you sane and happy, and when you are miles away from family they become your family. This is the place that life lessons where taught by people who loved this place.

Our time in the place where everything is always bigger had to end. We had to face reality of our current situation. So, the girls and I boarded a jet plane, and the boys had their first road trip. It is where Caden learned that it was OK to pee outside, and it quickly became the highlight of his trip. The girls and I were welcomed with open arms back to the place that housed us for a long eighteen months.

But I longed for the quirky, dirty old city that I had once called mine, so we packed up and headed back south. And once again I felt that feeling of really being home. It is like no other unless you have lived here and truly experienced life here. I love our home and my New Orleans and I didn't really understand this until I spent some time away because of the hurricane.

When we moved here I cried, but now when the thought of our family leaving this city enters my mind I want to cry. This has been a remarkable, memorable, and wonderful experience in the land called NOLA.

Monday, August 27, 2007


I am having a gathering of friends over to my home for dinner and a swap. I love to host and have people in my home. It is exciting to me to think of preparations, such as food, table decorations, and having my home extra clean for guests.

I am not a big game player, so I am looking to you creative women for help. So, if you have a game that is fun, easy, and is able to be played with about 10-15 people let me know.

If I choose your game...I will then send you, one of my favorite things.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

New opportunity

I always felt that it as my right of passage to be able to enjoy the time when all of my children would be in school. I would have the time to go to the gym, the grocery, run my errands sans children, but I am feeling my heart strings being tugged a little to tightly. My nest is empty, and it feels unnatural.

So, when the opportunity arose, and I jumped even before consulting Richard to watch this little beauty. It is pure joy to have her in my home for the few hours that she is with me. I get to once again rock a sleeping baby in my arms. Yippee!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

My thoughts

I got an email from a friend inquiring about when we are going to put our house on the market. Such excitement to know that someone is interested in MY home. Yet so sad to think that soon it will be occupied by different owners. Someone else will hear the pitter-patter of little feet on my tile floor. Someone else's keys will turn to open the front door.

My time in my beloved "city beneath the sea" is coming to a close. Nine years of living in the deep south. I keep asking myself have I seen, have I done, have I eaten, have I experienced all that this city has to offer? My answer is always NO, and I probably won't accomplish all of things that I would like to in the next ten months that I have left.

I did decide today... I will walk away from this city, and my house with lots of memories. It is the place where two angels where given to me, I learned I could do things on my own, I learned how to be a better mother, a better wife, a better friend, I found courage that I didn't know I had, I learned I could rely on others, I found strength that I didn't think I had, I learned to go outside my comfort zone, and most importantly I learned that I all I really need is MY little family.

This city, this NOLA of mine will forever be apart of my life and my heart. I always hope that my heart flutters a little faster when I see a Fleur De Lis, or when I hear a little jazz music. I hope my children will always respect this culture that has been apart of their little lives. I hope that I will always be called Ms. Allison, and my children will do the same to whom they come in contact with. Most of all I don't want to ever forget this journey, and the people that I have met along the way. I will not forget this Louisiana home.

Monday, August 13, 2007

First Day Jitters

The excitement and the jitters that come with starting the first day of school were the emotions that were at my house this weekend. As I compiled and completed the list of endless school supplies that were needed for both kids, and making sure their uniforms were in order for this morning.

I was so relieved to walk into the new school with a sense of peace. Hannah is fortunate enough to have five of her good friends in her homeroom class, Mrs. Thomas. Caden seems to have a great teacher, Mrs. Ritter. Giving Caden a kiss and a hug goodbye he said, "Mom I am really going to miss you, and I am really scared." After, reassuring him and wiping the tears from his eyes I walked away hoping he would make a new friend, and have a great first day. I then walked to Hannah's class to tell her Caden's room number, so she could know where to get him after school. I kissed her and told her I loved her, and her cute eyes filled to the brim with tears, and I knew that was my cue to exit. I then proceeded to cry in the breeze way hoping that my two children were going to be OK, and that my decision to change to this school was right.

I am so grateful for our tradition of giving father's blessing before school starts. I was really amazed at how it touched my children. Hannah and Caden had tears in their eyes when their Dad was finished with their blessing. I know that what was said comforted them today, when things weren't so familiar.
I also kept up my tradition of making Chocolate Chip Cookies for the first day of school. This is something my childhood neighbor used to do for all of the neighborhood kids.

Here is my new favorite Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe

1 lb butter

4 Tbs vanilla

3 beaten eggs

2 Tbs baking soda

1 1/2 cups sugar
2 cups brown sugar

6 cups flour

4 cups chocolate chips

Bake at 350 5-7 min

When I picked the kids up they both agreed that it was better than the other school. I know we will have our ups and downs, but at least the first day jitters are over.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Summer Time

Summer time in the "Big Easy" somehow has quickly come and gone. It seems like the school bells were just ending and now they are just again beginning. Here are a few highlights of the summer.

Hannah and her friend Megan did a week Cheer leading camp
Caden did a baseball camp
Addie attended camp at her Pre-school, John Calvin, for two weeks
Hannah then did Acorn Camp at Chapelle High School for two weeks
Went swimming many times at Elmwood
We then flew to Las Vegas then drove the two hours to St George
Addie learned how to swim all by herself We played many hours in the pool Saw the movie Ratatouille
Drove to Bountiful
Went down the Alpine Slide and the Alpine Coaster
Went rock climbing
Went to Cherry Hills
The girls got pampered at the Cosmetology school
Caden learned to ride his bike Caden and Hannah learned to Rollerblade
Went to the Nordstrom sale (need I say more)
Saw the movie Hairspray not once, but twice
Went swimming at the new Bountiful Rec center
Caden lost his first tooth. Both the Bountiful and the NOLA Tooth Fairy visited him Saw the Bountiful Fireworks
Caden had his first sleepover with his good buddy Carson
Hannah had many sleepovers with her friends from school, but most of all her dear friend MckenzieCelebrated my 32ND birthday
Went to the Blog party
Ran through the fountains at the Gateway
Read 3 great books
Hannah read 6 books this summer. I am so proud of her.
Ate at my favorite restaurants that they don't have here in NOLA: Cafe Rio, Paradise Bakery, and Rumbi's
Our fun has continued as we have made our way back home. We have continued to swim almost daily and to play with our friends.

It has been a great summer for us. It seems to have gone by so fast. I guess when you are having fun with the people you love the time just flies by.